The RAID Elevated Tactics System is a complete package that includes a customized, heavy-duty jump out van with a Liberator, Side Assault System, and Side Deployment Rail. This versatile, multi-purpose tactical deployment and transport system supports teams of up to 10 people.


Rescue Access Intervention Deployment

1. Single Hydrualic Ramp

The RAID is a single operated hydraulic ramp that permits elevated entry and is capable of reaching max height in less than 10 seconds. The ramp is constructed of aluminum anti-slip Grip Strut® for maximum traction and stainless steel handrails span the length of the ramp for safety.

2. RETRAX Running Boards

These running boards provide standing space for 3-4 team members per vehicle side, allowing for rapid deployment without the need to climb in/out of the vehicle. Attached to the underside of the vehicle, they can be easily deployed when needed or tucked away for normal driving.

3. Multi-Angle Extension Ramp

The MER comes standard with the RAID and provides up to 48” (1.2m) of linear deck surface to the end of the ramp, offering enhanced breaching capability. In addition, the MER can be pivoted to provide a semi-level surface throughout the entire motion of the RAID ramp.