MARS sets the world standard for elevated tactical entry and rescue systems. Its dual, side-by-side hydraulic ramps allow simultaneous elevated access at varying heights, providing an enormous advantage to police, military and anti-terror forces.


Mobile Adjustable Ramp System

1. Dual Extendable Hydraulic Ramps

The MARS features dual independently operated hydraulic ramps that permit simultaneous, multi-story entry. Each ramp features an internally stowed extension allowing for maximum reach and vehicle front-end clearance. The MARS is capable of reaching max height with full extension in less than 10 seconds.

2. Heavy Duty Construction

The MARS is built primarily from aircraft grade aluminum, high strength steel and stainless steel fasteners. All aluminum components are anodized and all mild steel components are powder coated for superior corrosion and weathering resistance. The truss frame spanning the vehicle supports all components of the system. The MARS ramp surface is constructed of Grip Strut® slip resistant, safety grating that exceeds US Federal spec RRG-1602A requirements.

3. Safety railing system

The safety railing system is a standard feature on all available ETS ramps. The railing is designed to reduce user risk during operations. All safety railings are stainless steel with a sand blasted textured finish for enhanced grip qualities. The railings fold down or can be quickly removed to reduce overall system height for transport and low clearance needs.

4. Accessory Mount Yokes

These anodized, solid aluminum brackets allow for optional equipment to be mounted to the front of the internally stowed extension ramps.

5. Rear Access Ladders

Two (2) ladders come standard with each ramp system. They are mounted to the rear of the MARS allowing access to the deck surface from the ground.

6. System Removal Jacks

System includes four (4) removal jacks. The MARS can be removed from or installed onto the host vehicle in approximately 5 minutes.

7. Multi-Angle Extension Ramp

The MER provides an additional 48” (1.2m) of linear deck surface to the end of each extension ramp. This offers the MARS ramps an 80” (2m) breaching capability. In addition, the MER can be pivoted to provide a semi-level surface throughout the entire motion of the MARS ramps.

The MARS is adaptable to many non-armored and partially armored commercial vehicles as well as most OEM armored personnel carriers (APCs). Depending on the vehicle and the configuration, the MARS can often be designed for easy removal when not in use.


Rear Deployment Deck

Patriot3’s most recent compilation of capabilities is the MARS Rear Deployment Deck (RDD). This latest development in the MARS series offers all the standard and ancillary features in addition to a convertible ramp-to-stairway to facilitate rapid access to the ramps or evacuation from elevated targets, rear crew seating, and the Side Assault System (SAS), the only vehicle-based bus assault feature.

1. Rear Articulating Stairway

The RAS transforms the rear staging area into a high-speed access route for evacuation and assault purposes to and from the main ramp surface.

2. Saddle Box

Two (2) benches increase seating capacity for up to eight (8) additional persons to ride beneath the rear deck. Underneath these benches are four (4) lockable enclosures for extra storage of gear and equipment.

3. Crew Area Seating and Storage

The Saddle Box is a large equipment storage enclosure that can house various MARS components such as the Side Assault System (SAS) and the Fast Assault Suspension Tower (FAST). It is customizable upon request.

4. Rear Tactical Step

This two-tier staircase allows for easier access into the Crew Seating Area, Rear Articulating Stairway (RAS) and Rear Access Ladders. Each step is constructed from the same Grip Strut® material as the ramp decks for sure footing.

Ramp Accessories