The next generation in Elevated Tactics technology, the ARC is a single ramp system that can operate as a standard deck surface or as a stairway. The unique capability to transform into a stairway allows users to ascend and descend the ramp at steeper angles with ease while maintaining sure footing.


Articulating Ramp Conversion

1. Articulating Stairway

The ramp deck surface of the ARC can be converted into a stairway from the down position by simply repositioning high strength pivot pins. In ramp mode and stairway mode the ramp can achieve a maximum incline angle of 30 degrees and 42 degrees, respectively.

2. Single Hydraulic Ramp

The ARC is a single operated hydraulic ramp that permits elevated entry and is capable of reaching max height in less than 10 seconds. Constructed mainly of aircraft grade aluminum, the ARC’s single hydraulic ramp offers APC vehicles that have limited front axle weight capacity a lightweight ETS solution.

3. Multi-Angle Extension Ramp

The MER comes standard with the ARC and provides up to 48” (1.2m) of linear deck surface to the end of the ramp, offering enhanced breaching capability. In addition, the MER can be pivoted to provide a semi-level surface throughout the entire motion of the ARC ramp.

4. Side Deployment Rails

Side Deployment Rails (SDR) are linear rails that mount to both sides of the ramp providing side deployment of Tactical Ladders. Each Side Deployment Rail system comes with two sliding ladder carriages. If desired, both carriages can be used on the same rail. Additional carriages achieve multi-ladder deployment. The SDR comes standard with the ARC.