Multi-Fuel Engines Accessories

Patriot3 offers Multi-Fuel Engines (MFE) accessories exclusively for the military. Every day, the U.S. military depends on MFE technology and Patriot3’s innovative engine accessories to complete their missions and get their personnel home safely.

MFE Accessories

Engine Cage

The P3M Engine Cage is designed to provide protection to the engine hood and electronics while providing an easy method for operators to carry boat engines. The Engine Cage offers multiple hand-grab areas, which allows for easy transport and installation to the transom and removal by two operators. It allows for the installation of convoy lighting, spot lights, navigation lights and other equipment.

Dual Engine Control Kit

The Dual Engine Control Kit allows for throttle and steering control of two 30hp MFE’s from one production tiller arm. No modifications are required to the engine or the tiller arm; the kit is entirely bolt on.

Waterproof Engine Dive Case

The Waterproof Engine Dive Case is a protective bag used for safe transport of the 30hp MFE engine. It is made of waterproof Neoprene, a YKK Zipper and an over-pressure relief valve. The Engine Dive Case can be submerged up to 50 FSW (15.2 MSW). A waterproof exposed stern bracket allows the engine to be mounted to the transom while in the case. This keeps the engine sealed and dry during transportation, storage, parachute drops and hard duck HELO casting.

Engine Lifting Harness

The P3M Engine Lifting Harness is a simple, easy to use engine harness made for suspending the 30hp MFE. It can be used with any engine hoist system or crane for assistance with lifting the 30hp MFE for maintenance and into difficult locations such as storage containers, transportation vehicles and engine swapping while in the water. Load rating is 500 lbs (226 kg).